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Foot surgery - Hallux valgus

The deformity of the foot and forefoot known as hallux valgus or "bunion" is a lateral deviation of the first phalanx on the head of the first metatarsal or metatarsal of the big toe (or in Latin). Contrary to popular belief, in the majority of cases, the deformity is not primarily related to a particular choice of footwear, but is very often linked to an anatomical (pre)disposition. The bunion, which can be observed from adolescence onwards, appears to be almost 10 times more frequent in women than in men.

Hindfoot fractures: talus, calcaneus

The first description of a fracture of the talus dates back to 1608, when Wilhelm Fabricius Hildanus described a case of open fracture of the talus treated by enucleation, allowing walking without a stick.

Fractures of the calcaneus can lead to inversion and eversion complications. This means difficulty walking on uneven ground. Most of the time, it is treated with plate and screw osteosynthesis. No weight-bearing is usually allowed for 90 days following the operation. Rehabilitation is planned following atrophy of the lower limbs.

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