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Total hospitalisation in a room

The course of your stay

After completing your admission file at the admissions office, taking your welcome booklet and pre-operative file with you, you will be taken to your room by the nursing team. On the day of your hospitalisation, depending on the room you have chosen, you should bring your own towels.


If you are in a Prestige room, you can have a carer with you at night (included in the price). This option is also available in a Solo, Confort or Sérénité private room, at a rate of 70 euros / night, including breakfast.
A companion can also have meals with you. To arrange this, please contact the admissions staff (prices are displayed at the admissions desk).
During treatment, the accompanying person may be asked to leave the room. Please respect this instruction to ensure your privacy.

Hygiene and environment

The clinic provides clean and well-maintained premises, which must be respected by patients and visitors. To limit the risk of infection, animals and earthen plants are strictly forbidden on the premises. In accordance with current anti-smoking regulations, we would remind you that smoking and vaping are strictly prohibited in all areas of the establishment.


Don't be surprised if, at every stage of your treatment, your identity is checked to ensure that you receive the care you deserve.
When you arrive in the care unit, a nurse will give you an identification bracelet. This bracelet enables all the professionals involved in your care to check your identity throughout your stay and, more particularly, before any treatment, examination or operation is carried out outside your reception unit.

Please keep a close eye on all documents bearing your identity and report any discrepancies to us.


The Clinique Privée Arago has Wifi access. You will be given the access code when you are admitted, depending on the type of room you have chosen.


You can be put in touch with someone who speaks your language. Please ask the nursing staff on your ward.


We would like to inform you that if you are taking any medication at the time of your admission to the clinic, you must inform the nursing staff and give it to them (legislation prohibits patients from keeping medication in their rooms, as any self-medication can lead to the risk of overdosing and drug interactions).

You therefore undertake not to keep any medicines with you. The pharmaceutical treatment prescribed for you during your stay is supplied by the clinic's in-house pharmacy. However, if any of the medicines in your "home" treatment, which you continue to take during your stay in hospital, are unavailable or cannot be replaced, we reserve the right to use your own medicines (until they are replenished) after checking their quality.


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